Timor-Leste Onshore Prospectivity Report
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Package : Timor-Leste Onshore Prospectivity Report
Basin(s): Various
Type of package: Exploration
Location (On/Offshore): Onshore
Area: South East Asia
Description: Geoprospect®, a joint venture between Zebra Data Sciences and Cambridge Geoconsultants, have produced a Prospectivity Report of the Timor-Leste Onshore areas. This 186-page report used the Intelligent Geological Target Identification (IGTI) technique including various datasets controlled by highly qualified experienced geoscientists to identify areas of potential prospectivity. While the offshore area of Timor-Leste is well populated with both modern 2D and 3D seismic data, and many wells, the onshore blocks demonstrate a sparsity of seismic data and only a few older wells, and some gravity and magnetic data.

Process of the Prospectivity Report: -

Review of all available data
Seeding and Data Processing
Pattern Analysis and Neural Network Training
Salting of the onshore blocks with Geo-Data Mine
Target Identification (Basin Extraction)
• AI led identification of target basins/reservoirs
• AI led identification of target structures
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